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April 18, 2013
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Tips and Tricks on Successful Character Creation – An Interview with Wanchana “Victorior” Intrasombat


Wanchana “Victorior” Intrasombat is a very talented illustrator, focusing on cute, whimsical and very imaginative artworks from Thailand. He is also a very talented concept artist and he is also well known for his wonderful character designs. Currently, he is working as a 2D freelance concept artist, character designer and illustrator and has been an art director/visual developer for a Coca-Cola commercial in Thailand.

Again, I am much honored to have this great experience of having this amazing guy for Cartoons and Comics Project Educate Week. The interview will be all about his ideas on character design and creation, tips and tricks and on how to have successful illustrations by bringing your own characters to life.

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Moody Cupid by Victorior

  • Hello Vic! Thank you for responding to our invitation for this interview. I’m very sure that many are excited to read your sharing, tips and tricks on successful character designs.
VictoriorThanks so much Jude for this interview and I really appreciate this opportunity for me to share my experiences in illustration and character designs. I hope that this interview will be useful to anyone who is interested in designing their own characters and illustrations in general or just getting started in this field.
The Girl : STLove by Victorior Something about love by Victorior The Man : STLove by Victorior
    • I know that you’re getting this comment from many people already but your works are really brilliant and wonderful! Where do you usually get your inspirations and ideas when making your illustrations?
    Victorior I normally have the inspiration from everything around me: situations, people, animals, stories that I meet and encounter and some of my inspirations are from the awesome paintings/animations/movies that I get to see from other artists or in other studios. What I mean is, the inspirations of my illustrations can come from everything and I always have them combined with my personal attitude, my imagination and my dreams in life.
    • What do you think are the best things to consider when designing a character? Can you share some of the things that you usually do when developing a character and bringing it to life afterwards?
    Victorior There are so many things to focus when I design a character and it actually depends on what the character is for. For example, if the character is for a mobile-phone screen, there's no point of designing it to have lots of details as it has to be clear and the shape and color must be proportional to the scale of the mobile-phone resolution. For me, the most important thing to do when designing a character is to give the character its own personality. I always think that the character must be able to present its personality even if you can only see its head. The character will become more attractive and be able to explain his life through its own personality.  
    The Long Trip To The Sea by Victorior

    VictoriorFor the process of my design, it normally comes with the topic and then research because it will hep you to have a clear direction, especially with the details that you can’t imagine and guide you further in developing the character. Then, I start with the sketch and the continuous exploration with shape and line as this process will lead me to the art and visual styles that I can think of. But, defining the character's personality isn't enough because lots of character designs are already presented out there. Your characters need to be unique and an interesting visual sense is also important. Provide your character with the best expression to make it stronger. Then take time until you finish the final rendering and your job is already done.

    •  Did you ever have some moments in your life when you’re not happy with your character designs that made you depressed and sad? If yes, how did you deal with it or what should one person do when experiencing those kind of moments in their artistic lives?
    Victorior I have to say that the characters that I make never made me sad, but I often get disappointed with what I have done with the design as it could possibly be different from what I expected and imagined. But when that moment comes into my life, it doesn't and shouldn't destroy my spirit because I believe that it will bring me more power to make it better in the future. I think you can see this situation in the positive way. No one can succeed with just one image or just a design alone. When you were kids, I believe that your drawing was not so perfect and sometime made you disappointed but you are still drawing up until now..what I mean is, keep doing with what you love even if sometimes, it makes you feel sad or disappointed as this is part of the creative process.
    • Expressions and emotions are very relevant and significant when designing a character as they give more life and value to them. Can you give us some tips on how to handle expressions and emotions in drawing?
    VictoriorI can say that life drawing, life sketching or just do a series of quick live drawing everywhere with your little sketch book. This simple practice helps me a lot to capture peoples' expressions and emotions. And another thing would be, you can be inspired by capturing the very essence of expressions from the movies with the sense that, you would want to learn from them. It only means that by looking at references, it will definitely help you a lot.
    Forest Man by Victorior My Best Vacation by Victorior I Love MY PLANET by Victorior

    • What are the careers/job opportunities that are available to character designers and concept artists? 
    VictoriorThere are lots of  job opportunities for character designers and concept artist,  such as in the field of animation, game development, illustration, movies, commercials, apps for Iphone/Ipad. It looks like all careers  in the multimedia and entertainment industry  require concept artists and maybe character designers too.
    • What are the things that you do to keep yourself creative as always? And what are some of the good ways to practice character designing?
    Victorior: I love to see character designs, illustrations or paintings a lot and I usually spend around an hour just checking and seeing different kinds of arts. It always gives me the inspiration to do my personal paintings. I love to create something new and the good way to practice character designing is by watching  animated movies or cartoons, etc - or as long as it talks about everything about characters in general. It will give you the inspiration and the style. Study the shapes, colors and expressions of the characters and after that, you have to start your own. I suggest you can be inspired with some aspects from the characters that you love and learn from that and after that, do your best by doing your own characters and practice  again and again (more practice).
    The end of the journey by Victorior Running Rainbow by Victorior To the waterfall by Victorior
    •  What movie/cartoon shows/etc that you think has a good set of wonderful and effective character designs and why do you think so?
    Victorior I love the characters from different animated films such as the characters from Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue sky..and more. They are so attractive with the expressions, lines, shapes and personalities. I love the character from the movie "Up" the most as I love the sets of shape that defines the personalities of the main character which even makes it an even stronger and effective character design.
    •  Any last words that you want to say before we wrap things up?
    Victorior I want to say thank you for this opportunity that you gave for the interview and share some of my experience about character design and concept art industry. Keep drawing everyone!!

    How to train your creature by Victorior The Celebration of The Nature by Victorior

    In the continuation in our Project Educate Special Interview series, *Victorior takes us into his imaginative world as he shares his secrets, inspirations and tips and tricks in character creation. Let's get to meet this amazing Thai illustrator who brings his characters into life. Hop on!
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