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Thank you!

Hello everyone! First and foremost, thank you the wonderful November 2012! :love: I'm going to list down some of the activities that will be presented to the community starting next year so we'll have one epic start for 2013!

  • Weekly Themed Features
  • Artists' Interview
  • And a closer look  on Daily Deviations

I am already working on the major parts so I hope to finish em soon! 

Daily Deviation Summary: November 2012

Next, thank you everyone for sending your suggestions! :love: If you haven't suggested something yet, then be sure to suggest some to me :) I am specifically looking for Christmas deviations for this month, but ofcourse, I am always open for any deviations that you think deserves to be on the spotlight with a Daily Deviation :) 

And now, here are the DD Summary for this month:

Features by jcroxas

FANART FRIDAY: SAILOR TWAIN by JakeWyatt In Absentia p5 by cabepfir Vortigern's Castle by Toradh  Hundred acre wood hike by Hesstoons Commission - Zombie Outlaw by DerekLaufman Megabomberbroszelda by thurZ DRAGONBALL Z REDUX by HughFreeman  A break on the journey by Murfish DEMON KINGS 1.02-03 by theCEOofDEATH Viaje Astral by ChencoIlufi OMFA - Page 53 by Skailla American Star by paulobarrios Ghostbusters 12 page 17 by luisdelgado Last of the Polar Bears pg 11 by LCibos Infinite Spiral: Prologue 07 by novemberkris
Comic work-  adventure-terror-fantasy by Eis-Blasich  Darkness by gammaknight  Soooo cute... wtf by MirkAnd89 Welcome To Metropolis, Man Of Steel by BongzBerry EL ZOMBO by chuck-piresART

Features by alexandrasalas

personal project by morphews The Adventure of Kiko by unfinishedtears

 Miscellaneous Updates

This week, I will be releasing a new article which will talk about my detailed Daily Deviation guidelines and some answers to Frequently Asked Questions :)

Thanks everyone! love you all <3


Cartoons and Comics for November 2012
TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great features!!! :happybounce:
AuroraArt Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Very cool! :clap:
LittleLuxray Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist
Fantastic works. :D I'm really digging that Super Man one. -u- These are all great!
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