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Hello again everyone! Sorry if i've been confusing you with my titles ever since I started my volunteer work as the C&C CV. Apparently, I changed my mind (again) that I will solely have a special journal for my roundups and have a separate journal entry for my newsletters :)

Anyway, I still have my fingers crossed for my new series this 2013 so if you'd like to help, do drop me a note because i will need man power =D *especially if you are into drawing - i have a special work for you*. I dont need an expert drawer though, if you feel that you can draw *even stick figures*, then goooo note me :heart:

Thanks everyone! Enjoy 2013! :heart: let's start 2013 right!

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Thank you 2012 and Hello 2013! Now here's the Daily Deviation roundup for the Cartoons and Comics gallery for the last month of the year 2012! :heart:
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December 31, 2012
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